TYD Reversible Synchronous motors

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Auto gambling table/laminator/Outdoor Auto Control Machine/Monitor.etc 
This motor integrates the gear and the micro synchronous motor, and realizes the normal-reverse rotary control. It holds advantages of reliable running, large output torque, strong locking, small size, light weight, low noise, and long life. 
The stator will not be destroyed when blocking. 
The speed is not changeable as the speed. 
Good self-locking when the electricity is off. 
This type motor, which holds more varieties of different specifications, simple operation and other advantages, has been widely used, such as various types of household appliances, rotating machines, electric apparatus, range hood, electric fan, electronic oven, Auto Mahjong Machine,Electric-drive airer, Airbreak Switch ,Valve Driver,Vending Machine ,Blending Machine,etc.
Rated voltage V 24 110 220-240 24 110 220-240
Power frequence Hz 50/60 50/60
Input power W <17 <25
Inputcurrent A <0.63 <0.14 <0.07 <1.2 <0.3 <0.15
Rotation CW/CCW(Reversible) CW/CCW(Reversible)
Operating temperature —15~40 —15~40
Coil temperature k <80 <80
Insulation class B B
Insulation strength AC1500/50Hz/min AC1500/50Hz/min
Capacitance μF/V 47/63 2.2/250 0.56/450 57/63 2.8/250 0.68/450
Duty type S2(30min)